What Sets Me Apart

Hello, I started Sherrie’s Holistic Healing in June of 2020 but have been involved with energy work since 2008 when I took my first Reiki class. My journey began when my husband and I moved to Hawaii in 2007, and I became interested in all the spiritual energy techniques that the islands had to offer, such as Ho’oponopono, Lomi-Lomi and Reiki. I received my first Reiki training from a beautiful woman who had lived in Hawaii for several years and had learned Reiki there herself. That first experience inspired me.  I enjoyed it so much that I took the second level of Reiki, of the Usui lineage, from her as well in 2009 and received my certification. I continued to study Reiki on my own, based upon the teachings of a number of well-respected authors such as Diane Stein, William Lee Rand and Angie Webster.  This self-study provided me with a better understanding of just how vast and varied Reiki really is.  I also began studying other modalities, such as Energy Alive, Quantum Touch and Lomi-Lomi, and I am currently working toward additional certifications in order to one day practice some of those modalities, as well as Reiki.  Over time, I became inspired to find other ways to share my gifts.  I volunteered at the Tripler Army Medical Center’s VA Dialysis Center on Oahu as a Reiki practitioner in order to provide comfort to the Veterans who were undergoing dialysis treatments.  These men and women were in extreme pain, and often medications were no longer helping, so the medical staff was open to trying non-traditional methods. Many patients were skeptical at first, but once they had a session, they couldn’t wait for us to show up the following week. Sometimes we would offer mini sessions to the staff and doctors so they could have an experience also.  Overall, it was a very positive experience for the patients, the staff and the practitioners.
We’ve recently moved to Navarre, Florida, and I would like to take what I’ve learned and share that knowledge with anyone who would be interested in learning more, experiencing a healing session, or participating in one of my community-of-interest discussion forums.

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Mildred Shaw

Gulf Breeze, Florida

I experienced my first Reiki session with Sherrie a few weeks ago, and I'm already hooked! She does a wonderful job of explaining how Reiki works and putting you at ease.

Phil J.

Navarre, Florida

I have previously had Reiki sessions with Sherrie, where she focused on specific areas that were giving me trouble. During each session, I felt the negative energy releasing and healing taking place, and this healing continued for several days afterward.

Henri Rand Furgiuel

Honolulu, Hawaii

I recently experienced a 45-minutes distant healing session with Sherrie Smith, and it was wonderful!  We spoke for a few minutes by phone, where she guided me into taking a few deep breaths to relax and allow the energy to move more freely.   Then she hung up and sent healing energy to me from 4000 miles away.

G. Ruppard

Navarre, Florida

I had Reiki a couple of years before, but I am convinced Reiki will work for me after I visited with Sherrie. I absolutely loved it, and for sure it will be a regular.


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